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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
27769668 32 The synthesis and biological evaluation of alkyl and benzyl naphthyridinium analogs of eupolauridine as potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents.EBI Southern Research Institute
25799376 2 Structure-based hybridization, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel tetracyclic heterocyclic azathioxanthone analogues as potential antitumor agents.EBI Taipei Medical University
26312433 20 Design, synthesis and evaluation of thiohydantoin derivatives as potent topoisomerase I (Top1) inhibitors with anticancer activity.EBI Shiv Nadar University
25913198 2 Stereoselective synthesis of 11-phenylundeca-5Z,9Z-dienoic acid and investigation of its human topoisomerase I and IIa inhibitory activity.EBI Russian Academy of Science
15808469 32 Inhibitory activities against topoisomerase I and II by isoaurostatin derivatives and their structure-activity relationships.EBI Kumamoto University
22305612 7 Recent advances in hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1 inhibitors.EBI Dongguk University-Seoul
23092389 5 Lanostanoids from fungi: a group of potential anticancer compounds.EBI TBA
22867097 1 Inhibition of human topoisomerases I and II by simocyclinone D8.EBI University of Minnesota Medical School
21542600 4 Inverse virtual screening of antitumor targets: pilot study on a small database of natural bioactive compounds.EBI Universita di Salerno
20662543 18 Synthesis and antiproliferative evaluation of certain indeno[1,2-c]quinoline derivatives. Part 2.EBI Kaohsiung Medical University
20371180 122 Cytotoxicity and inhibition of DNA topoisomerase I of polyhydroxylated triterpenoids and triterpenoid glycosides.EBI Stephen F. Austin State University
15974606 5 Indole alkaloids and other constituents of Rauwolfia serpentina.EBI Kobe Pharmaceutical University
18083028 5 Synthesis and biological evaluation of bengacarboline derivatives.EBI Universit£ de Paris-sud 11
15801827 4 Structures of three classes of anticancer agents bound to the human topoisomerase I-DNA covalent complex.EBI deCODE BioStructures
10821712 18 Quantized surface complementarity diversity (QSCD): a model based on small molecule-target complementarity.EBI NeoGenesis, Inc.
9003520 15 Camptothecin and minor-groove binder hybrid molecules: synthesis, inhibition of topoisomerase I, and anticancer cytotoxicity in vitro.EBI University of Alberta
8691444 105 Antiretroviral agents as inhibitors of both human immunodeficiency virus type 1 integrase and protease.EBI National Cancer Institute
7707314 23 Synthesis, topoisomerase I inhibitory activity, and in vivo evaluation of 11-azacamptothecin analogs.EBI Glaxo Inc.
8410981 63 Plant antitumor agents. 30. Synthesis and structure activity of novel camptothecin analogs.EBI Research Triangle Institute
22014228 10 Catalytic inhibition of eukaryotic topoisomerases I and II by flavonol glycosides extracted from Vicia faba and Lotus edulis.EBI University of Thessaly
22014547 2 Ungeremine effectively targets mammalian as well as bacterial type I and type II topoisomerases.EBI University of Cagliari
1324981 3 A Strategy for Identifying Novel, Mechanistically Unique Inhibitors of Topoisomerase IEBI TBA
 10 Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of alkylidene- and alkyl-substituted camptothecinsEBI TBA
 9 Synthesis and antitumor activity of a new class of water soluble camptothecin derivativesEBI TBA
 4 Novel A-ring modified camptothecins as topoisomerase I inhibitorsEBI TBA
 1 The synthesis and evaluation of flexible analogues of the topoisomerase I inhibitor, camptothecinEBI TBA
19397324 63 Synthesis and biological activities of topoisomerase I inhibitors, 6-arylmethylamino analogues of edotecarin.EBI Tsukuba Research Institute
19254843 2 Synthesis of new camptothecin analogs with improved antitumor activities.EBI Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
12444712 3 Total synthesis and biological evaluation of (5Z,9Z)-5,9-hexadecadienoic acid, an inhibitor of human topoisomerase I.EBI University of Puerto Rico
11430001 72 Isoaurostatin, a novel topoisomerase inhibitor produced by Thermomonospora alba.EBI Kumamoto University
17194596 3 Synthesis, cytotoxicity, and DNA topoisomerase II inhibitory activity of benzofuroquinolinediones.EBI Ewha Womans University
15801816 15 Discovery of a fluoroindolo[2,3-a]carbazole clinical candidate with broad spectrum antitumor activity in preclinical tumor models superior to the marketed oncology drug, CPT-11.EBI The Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
15454230 16 Camptothecin analogs with bulky, hydrophobic substituents at the 7-position via a Grignard reaction.EBI Research Triangle Institute
15026047 29 Inhibitory activities against topoisomerase I and II by polyhydroxybenzoyl amide derivatives and their structure-activity relationship.EBI Kumamoto University
14980693 6 Synthesis, topoisomerase I inhibition and structure-activity relationship study of 2,4,6-trisubstituted pyridine derivatives.EBI Liaoning Normal University
10743939 63 Synthesis and biological activities of NB-506 analogues modified at the glucose group.EBI Banyu Tsukuba Research Institute
10612590 56 Synthesis and biological activities of NB-506 analogues: Effects of the positions of two hydroxyl groups at the indole rings.EBI Banyu Tsukuba Research Institute in collaboration with Merck Research Laboratories
10476878 8 Naphthazarin derivatives (II): formation of glutathione conjugate, inhibition of DNA topoisomerase-I and cytotoxicity.EBI Chungnam National University
10340602 100 Synthesis and biological activities of topoisomerase I inhibitors, 6-N-amino analogues of NB-506.EBI Banyu Tsukuba Research Institute
10021917 4 Indolocarbazole poisons of human topoisomerase I: regioisomeric analogues of ED-110.EBI MediChem Research, Inc.
8576914 14 Water soluble inhibitors of topoisomerase I: quaternary salt derivatives of camptothecin.EBI Glaxo Wellcome Research Institute
7853331 7 Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel water soluble derivatives of camptothecin as specific inhibitors of topoisomerase I.EBI Glaxo Research Institute
7752206 20 Inhibition of herpes simplex virus type 1 helicase-primase by (dichloroanilino)purines and -pyrimidines.EBI Stanford University Medical School
7699706 34 Rigid analogs of camptothecin as DNA topoisomerase I inhibitors.EBI Glaxo Research Institute
7699697 34 Acylshikonin analogues: synthesis and inhibition of DNA topoisomerase-I.EBI Chungnam National University
28513176 5 Selective Inhibition of Escherichia coli RNA and DNA Topoisomerase I by Hoechst 33258 Derived Mono- and Bisbenzimidazoles.EBI Clemson University