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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
28197313 17 From Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry toEBI Universit£ Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
27537923 31 Novel bis-arylalkylamines as myeloperoxidase inhibitors: Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationship study.EBI Universit£ Libre de Bruxelles
26509551 31 Discovery of 2-(6-(5-Chloro-2-methoxyphenyl)-4-oxo-2-thioxo-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-1(2H)-yl)acetamide (PF-06282999): A Highly Selective Mechanism-Based Myeloperoxidase Inhibitor for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases.EBI Pfizer Inc.
25438766 38 Inhibition of myeloperoxidase: evaluation of 2H-indazoles and 1H-indazolones.EBI University of California
23581551 75 Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationship studies of novel 3-alkylindole derivatives as selective and highly potent myeloperoxidase inhibitors.EBI Universit£ Libre de Bruxelles
22793255 16 Evaluation of new scaffolds of myeloperoxidase inhibitors by rational design combined with high-throughput virtual screening.EBI Universit£ Libre de Bruxelles
18063373 11 Conception of myeloperoxidase inhibitors derived from flufenamic acid by computational docking and structure modification.EBI Universit£ Libre de Bruxelles
21090682 48 Structure-based design, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of 3-(aminoalkyl)-5-fluoroindoles as myeloperoxidase inhibitors.EBI Universite£? Libre de Bruxelles
1732557 20 Improvements in the minimum binding sequence of C5a: examination of His-67.EBI Abbott Laboratories
1372359 3 Novel benzothiophene-, benzofuran-, and naphthalenecarboxamidotetrazoles as potential antiallergy agents.EBI Warner-Lambert Company
20565336 24 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of CB1 cannabinoid receptor ligands derived from the 1,5-diarylpyrazole scaffold.BDB NanChang University School of Pharmaceutical Science