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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
17125246 11 Discovery and development of 5-[(5S,9R)-9-(4-cyanophenyl)-3-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)-1-methyl-2,4-dioxo-1,3,7-triazaspiro[4.4]non-7-yl-methyl]-3-thiophenecarboxylic acid (BMS-587101)--a small molecule antagonist of leukocyte function associated antigen-1.EBI Cerep
12643901 42 N-Benzoyl amino acids as LFA-1/ICAM inhibitors 1: amino acid structure-activity relationship.EBI Genentech
20655213 31 Discovery of tetrahydroisoquinoline (THIQ) derivatives as potent and orally bioavailable LFA-1/ICAM-1 antagonists.EBI Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
15686945 19 1,4-Diazepane-2,5-diones as novel inhibitors of LFA-1.EBI Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
15582439 84 Amino-substituted heterocycles as isosteres of trans-cinnamides: design and synthesis of heterocyclic biaryl sulfides as potent antagonists of LFA-1/ICAM-1 binding.EBI Abbott Laboratories
15109637 30 Statin-derived 1,3-oxazinan-2-ones as submicromolar inhibitors of LFA-1/ICAM-1 interaction: stabilization of the metabolically labile vanillyl side chain.EBI Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
15080978 66 N-Benzoyl amino acids as ICAM/LFA-1 inhibitors. Part 2: structure-activity relationship of the benzoyl moiety.EBI Genentech
11585452 291 Selective inhibition of ICAM-1 and E-selectin expression in human endothelial cells. 2. Aryl modifications of 4-(aryloxy)thieno[2,3-c]pyridines with fine-tuning at C-2 carbamides.EBI Abbott Laboratories
11520199 25 Discovery of potent antagonists of leukocyte function-associated antigen-1/intercellular adhesion molecule-1 interaction. 3. Amide (C-ring) structure-activity relationship and improvement of overall properties of arylthio cinnamides.EBI Abbott Laboratories
11300880 168 Discovery of inhibitors of cell adhesion molecule expression in human endothelial cells. 1. Selective inhibition of ICAM-1 and E-selectin expression.EBI Abbott Laboratories
11052808 75 Discovery of novel p-arylthio cinnamides as antagonists of leukocyte function-associated antigen-1/intracellular adhesion molecule-1 interaction. 1. Identification of an additional binding pocket based on an anilino diaryl sulfide lead.EBI Abbott Laboratories
10853677 36 Discovery and evaluation of potent, tyrosine-based alpha4beta1 integrin antagonists.EBI Celltech Chiroscience
10072689 39 Selective, tight-binding inhibitors of integrin alpha4beta1 that inhibit allergic airway responses.EBI Biogen Inc.
8145218 8 3-Alkoxybenzo[b]thiophene-2-carboxamides as inhibitors of neutrophil-endothelial cell adhesion.EBI Warner-Lambert Company