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PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
27172398 20 An Unusual Natural Product Primary Sulfonamide: Synthesis, Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition, and Protein X-ray Structures of Psammaplin C.EBI Griffith University
26805033 426 Kinetically Selective Inhibitors of Human Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes I, II, VII, IX, XII, and XIII.EBI Uppsala University
26347950 32 Phosphate Chemical Probes Designed for Location Specific Inhibition of Intracellular Carbonic Anhydrases.EBI Griffith University
25468040 77 Inhibition studies of new ureido-substituted sulfonamides incorporating a GABA moiety against human carbonic anhydrase isoforms I-XIV.EBI TBA
25358084 143 Discovery and characterization of novel selective inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase IX.EBI Vilnius University
23394791 177 4-Substituted-2,3,5,6-tetrafluorobenzenesulfonamides as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrases I, II, VII, XII, and XIII.EBI Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology
23010455 108 Synthesis of C-cinnamoyl glycosides and their inhibitory activity against mammalian carbonic anhydrases.EBI Universidad Nacional de La Plata
22892213 168 Natural product coumarins that inhibit human carbonic anhydrases.EBI Griffith University
23067387 105 Tricyclic sulfonamides incorporating benzothiopyrano[4,3-c]pyrazole and pyridothiopyrano[4,3-c]pyrazole effectively inhibita- andß-carbonic anhydrase: X-ray crystallography and solution investigations on 15 isoforms.EBI Universit£ di Pisa
22487176 109 Flavones and structurally related 4-chromenones inhibit carbonic anhydrases by a different mechanism of action compared to coumarins.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Cagliari
22440859 176 Design of [(2-pyrimidinylthio)acetyl]benzenesulfonamides as inhibitors of human carbonic anhydrases.EBI Vilnius University
20674354 79 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Antioxidant polyphenols effectively inhibit mammalian isoforms I-XV.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Firenze
20605094 91 Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. The X-ray crystal structure of human isoform II in adduct with an adamantyl analogue of acetazolamide resides in a less utilized binding pocket than most hydrophobic inhibitors.EBI University of Florida
20028100 78 The coumarin-binding site in carbonic anhydrase accommodates structurally diverse inhibitors: the antiepileptic lacosamide as an example and lead molecule for novel classes of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Firenze
22365761 144 New chemotypes acting as isozyme-selective carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with low affinity for the offtarget cytosolic isoform II.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Firenze
21821413 65 Synthesis of rhodamine B-benzenesulfonamide conjugates and their inhibitory activity against humana- and bacterial/fungalß-carbonic anhydrases.EBI Ecole Nationale Sup£rieure de Chimie de Montpellier
21515057 153 Sulfonamides incorporating 1,3,5-triazine moieties selectively and potently inhibit carbonic anhydrase transmembrane isoforms IX, XII and XIV over cytosolic isoforms I and II: Solution and X-ray crystallographic studies.EBI Universit£ degli Studi di Firenze
21620713 25 Conformational variability of different sulfonamide inhibitors with thienyl-acetamido moieties attributes to differential binding in the active site of cytosolic human carbonic anhydrase isoforms.EBI University of Florida
20926301 77 Indapamide-like benzenesulfonamides as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrases I, II, VII, and XIII.EBI Institute of Biotechnology
20889345 94 4-[N-(substituted 4-pyrimidinyl)amino]benzenesulfonamides as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase isozymes I, II, VII, and XIII.EBI Vilnius University
23914927 24 Inhibition of mammalian carbonic anhydrases I-XIV with grayanotoxin III: solution and in silico studies.BDB University of Calgary
23356363 215 Benzenesulfonamides with benzimidazole moieties as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrases I, II, VII, XII and XIII.BDB Vilnius University
22299576 44 Metronidazole-coumarin conjugates and 3-cyano-7-hydroxy-coumarin act as isoform-selective carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.BDB Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier
21679053 22 Acetaldehyde-derived modifications on cytosolic human carbonic anhydrases.BDB University of Tampere and Tampere University Hospital
15499999 35 Benzolamide is not a membrane-impermeant carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.BDB Università degli Studi di Firenze
19703035 60 Which carbonic anhydrases are targeted by the antiepileptic sulfonamides and sulfamates?BDB Istituto di Biostrutture e Bioimmagini-CNR