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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
28197309 40 Structure-Guided Design of Novel, Potent, and Selective Macrocyclic Plasma Kallikrein Inhibitors.EBI Global Blood Therapeutics
27455395 66 Discovery of a Highly Potent, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Macrocyclic Inhibitor of Blood Coagulation Factor VIIa-Tissue Factor Complex.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb R&D
26827162 6 Synthesis, evaluation and structure-activity relationship of new 3-carboxamide coumarins as FXIIa inhibitors.EBI University of Namur
26704266 80 Novel phenylalanine derived diamides as Factor XIa inhibitors.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
26005539 23 Discovery of a Potent Parenterally Administered Factor XIa Inhibitor with Hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-one as the P2' Moiety.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb
25405503 109 Phenylimidazoles as potent and selective inhibitors of coagulation factor XIa with in vivo antithrombotic activity.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb
24461292 14 Heterocyclic core analogs of a direct thrombin inhibitor.EBI Merck Research Laboratories
23586812 38 Development of a selective peptide macrocycle inhibitor of coagulation factor XII toward the generation of a safe antithrombotic therapy.EBI Ecole Polytechnique F�d�rale de Lausanne EPFL
23294255 114 Development of new cyclic plasmin inhibitors with excellent potency and selectivity.EBI Philipps University Marburg
22770607 54 Potent direct inhibitors of factor Xa based on the tetrahydroisoquinoline scaffold.EBI Virginia Commonwealth University
18053726 364 Inhibitors of proteases and amide hydrolases that employ an alpha-ketoheterocycle as a key enabling functionality.EBI Johnson& Johnson Pharmaceutical Research& Development
9301673 234 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of potent thrombin inhibitors: piperazides of 3-amidinophenylalanine.EBI Klinikum der Friedrich-Schiller-Universit£t Jena
18674905 58 Factor VIIa inhibitors: target hopping in the serine protease family using X-ray structure determination.EBI Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
27982494 6 Polar Hinges as Functionalized Conformational Constraints in (Bi)cyclic Peptides.BDB University of Glasgow
12725862 9 Crystal structure of human carboxylesterase 1 complexed with the Alzheimer's drug tacrine: from binding promiscuity to selective inhibition.BDB University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
18459730 144 Novel 3-carboxamide-coumarins as potent and selective FXIIa inhibitors.BDB University of Namur
17941623 72 Planarity and constraint of the carbonyl groups in 1,2-diones are determinants for selective inhibition of human carboxylesterase 1.BDB St. Jude Research Hospital
17378546 325 Selective inhibition of carboxylesterases by isatins, indole-2,3-diones.BDB St. Jude Research Hospital
15828829 300 Identification and characterization of novel benzil (diphenylethane-1,2-dione) analogues as inhibitors of mammalian carboxylesterases.BDB University of Mississippi