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5 articles for thisTarget

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
17490886 7 Synthesis and biological activity of nociceptin/orphanin FQ analogues substituted in position 7 or 11 with Calpha,alpha-dialkylated amino acids.EBI University of Ferrara
11546835 55 The molecular and behavioral pharmacology of the orphanin FQ/nociceptin peptide and receptor family.BDB McGill University
15509719 17 [(pF)Phe4,Arg14,Lys15]N/OFQ-NH2 (UFP-102), a highly potent and selective agonist of the nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor.BDB Section of Pharmacology
9353393 5 Binding and in vitro activities of peptides with high affinity for the nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor, ORL1.BDB Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies