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4 articles for thisTarget

The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
7862254 35 Structural requirements for the occupancy of rat brain PACAP receptors and adenylate cyclase activation.BDB Université Libre de Bruxelles
7774670 11 Pharmacological properties of two recombinant splice variants of the PACAP type I receptor, transfected and stably expressed in CHO cells.BDB Université Libre de Bruxelles
1662620 12 Characterization of a guanosine-nucleotide-binding-protein-coupled receptor for pituitary adenylate-cyclase-activating polypeptide on plasma membranes from rat brain.BDB Georg-August-University
1325033 19 Receptor occupancy and adenylate cyclase activation in AR 4-2J rat pancreatic acinar cell membranes by analogs of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating peptides amino-terminally shortened or modified at position 1, 2, 3, 20, or 21.BDB Universit´ Libre de Bruxelles