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The following articles (labelled with PubMed ID or TBD) are for your review
PMIDDataArticle TitleOrganization
23590342 105 ß-Secretase (BACE1) inhibitors with high in vivo efficacy suitable for clinical evaluation in Alzheimer's disease.EBI F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
8355245 18 Activated ketone based inhibitors of human renin.EBI Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute
10669559 180 Protease inhibitors: current status and future prospects.EBI University of Queensland
8120867 70 Non-peptide renin inhibitors containing 2-(((3-phenylpropyl)phosphoryl)oxy)alkanoic acid moieties as P2-P3 replacements.EBI E. Merck Darmstadt
1635057 48 Structure-activity relationships of a series of 2-amino-4-thiazole-containing renin inhibitors.EBI Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research Division of Warner-Lambert Co.
2002469 80 Renin inhibitors containing conformationally restricted P1-P1' dipeptide mimetics.EBI Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories
1956045 88 Substrate analogue renin inhibitors containing replacements of histidine in P2 or isosteres of the amide bond between P3 and P2 sites.EBI E. Merck Darmstadt
2120440 22 Orally potent human renin inhibitors derived from angiotensinogen transition state: design, synthesis, and mode of interaction.EBI Kissei Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.
3783611 55 Inhibition of cathepsin D by substrate analogues containing statine and by analogues of pepstatin.EBI TBA
3531518 17 Design and synthesis of a potent and specific renin inhibitor with a prolonged duration of action in vivo.EBI TBA
3531517 17 Design and synthesis of potent and specific renin inhibitors containing difluorostatine, difluorostatone, and related analogues.EBI TBA
3906131 61 Renin inhibitors. Syntheses of subnanomolar, competitive, transition-state analogue inhibitors containing a novel analogue of statine.EBI TBA
3906126 10 Difluorostatine- and difluorostatone-containing peptides as potent and specific renin inhibitors.EBI TBA
10386929 10 The sulfonimidamide as a novel transition state analog for aspartic acid and metallo proteases.EBI The University of Kansas
 36 Peptidomimetic inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus protease (HIV-PR): Design, enzyme binding and selectivity, antiviral efficacy, and cell permeability propertiesEBI TBA
 23 Novel low molecular renin inhibitors which show good oral blood pressure lowering effects in marmosetsEBI TBA
 22 Novel pseudosymmetric inhibitors of HIV-1 proteaseEBI TBA
 12 MDL 74147, a novel selective and soluble inhibitor of human renin. Synthesis, structure-activity relationship, species and protease selectivities.EBI TBA
15012981 3 Miraziridine A: natures blueprint towards protease class-spanning inhibitors.EBI Institut für Biochemie
11806706 7 Designing non-peptide peptidomimetics in the 21st century: inhibitors targeting conformational ensembles.EBI University of Wisconsin-Madison
10354412 8 Simplified pepstatins: synthesis and evaluation of N-terminally modified analogues.EBI Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology
6809942 8 Synthesis of analogues of the carboxyl protease inhibitor pepstatin. Effect of structure in subsite P3 on inhibition of pepsin.EBI TBA
6767029 14 Synthesis of analogues of the carboxyl protease inhibitor pepstatin. Effects of structure on inhibition of pepsin and renin.EBI TBA
6406670 17 Synthesis of analogues of pepstatin. Effect of structure in subsites P1', P2', and P2 on inhibition of porcine pepsin.EBI TBA
3882966 27 Pepstatin-derived inhibitors of aspartic proteinases. A close look at an apparent transition-state analogue inhibitor.EBI TBA
3276890 28 Renin inhibitors. Design and synthesis of a new class of conformationally restricted analogues of angiotensinogen.EBI Abbott Laboratories
3126296 40 Inhibition of porcine pepsin by two substrate analogues containing statine. The effect of histidine at the P2 subsite on the inhibition of aspartic proteinases.EBI University of Wisconsin
3100803 16 Synthetic and enzyme inhibition studies of pepstatin analogues containing hydroxyethylene and ketomethylene dipeptide isosteres.EBI TBA
3100801 9 Inhibition of aspartic proteinases by peptides containing lysine and ornithine side-chain analogues of statine.EBI TBA
2067002 17 New pepstatin analogues: synthesis and pepsin inhibition.EBI University of Arkansas
1404233 68 Renin inhibitors containing new P1-P1' dipeptide mimetics with heterocycles in P1'.EBI E. Merck Darmstadt
18760609 66 Achiral oligoamines as versatile tool for the development of aspartic protease inhibitors.BDB Philipps-University Marburg
10903938 20 Structure-based drug design: the discovery of novel nonpeptide orally active inhibitors of human renin.BDB Novartis Pharmaceuticals
17034121 20 Acylguanidines as small-molecule beta-secretase inhibitors.BDB Wyeth Research