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MMDB Description
10793Crystal Structure of Rap.gmppnp in Complex With the Ras- Binding-domain of C-raf1 Kinase (Rafrbd)
56095Raf-1 Cysteine Rich Domain, NMR, 27 Structures
56096Raf-1 Cysteine Rich Domain, NMR, Minimized Average Structure
5315Human Rap1a, Residues 1-167, Double Mutant (E30d,k31e) Complexed With Gppnhp and the Ras-binding-domain of Human C-raf1, Residues 51-131
51150NMR Solution Structure of the Ras-binding Domain of C-raf-1
51208The Ras-binding Domain of Raf-1 From Rat, NMR, 1 Structure
80968Complex of Rap1a(e30dk31e)gdp With Rafrbd(a85kn71r)
80969Complex of Ras-gdp With Rafrbd(a85k)
84920Crystal Structure of C-raf (Raf-1)