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Your request to link to MMDB for Chromobox protein homolog 1

MMDB Description
55302Structure of the Chromatin Binding (Chromo) Domain From Mouse Modifier Protein 1, NMR, 26 Structures
13286Mouse HP1 (M31) C Terminal (Shadow Chromo) Domain
18690Structure of the Chromodomain From Mouse Hp1beta in Complex With the Lysine 9-methyl Histone H3 N-terminal Peptide, NMR, 25 Structures
27009HP1 Chromo Shadow Domain in Complex With Pxvxl Motif of Caf- 1
39293Crystal Structure of Emsy-hp1 Complex
68184Crystal Structure of Human Chromobox Homolog 1 (Cbx1)
78665Crystal Structure of the Cbx3 Chromo Shadow Domain