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Your request to link to MMDB for Histone acetyltransferase p300

MMDB Description
9136KIX Domain of Mouse CBP (Creb Binding Protein) in Complex With Phosphorylated Kinase Inducible Domain (Pkid) of RAT Creb (Cyclic AMP Response Element Binding Protein), NMR 17 Structures
19317NMR Structures of the Hif-1alpha Ctadp300 CH1 Complex
19331Structural Basis for Hif-1alphacbp Recognition in the Cellular Hypoxic Response
23592Solution Structure of the Cited2 Transactivation Domain in Complex With the P300 CH1 Domain
26902NMR Structure of CBP Taz1cited2 Complex
27419Solution Structure of the KIX Domain of CBP Bound to the Transactivation Domain of C-myb
32754Structure CBP Taz1 Domain
36088Structural Basis for Cooperative Transcription Factor Binding to the CBP Coactivator
70940NMR Structure of the Cbp-taz1stat2-tad Complex