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MMDB Description
12115Binding of a Substrate Analogue to a Domain Swapping Protein in the Complex of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease With Uridylyl-2',5'-adenosine
11631a Potential Allosteric Subsite Generated by Domain Swapping in Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
10450Crystal Structure of a Hybrid Between Ribonuclease a and Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
410Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease Structure at 1.9 Angstroms Resolution
23984Crystal Structure Analysis of the Monomeric [S- Carboxyamidomethyl-cys31, S-carboxyamidomethyl-cys32] Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
23985Crystal Structure of the [s-carboxyamidomethyl-cys31, S- Carboxyamidomethyl-cys32] Monomeric Derivative of the Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease in the Liganded State
24867Solution Structure of the Monomeric N67d Mutant of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
25453Crystal Structure of the Dimeric Unswapped Form of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
27298X-ray Structure of the Complex of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease Swapping Dimer With D(cpa)
27299X-ray Structure of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease Swapping Dimer From a NEW Crystal Form
29466Non-covalent Swapped Dimer of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease in Complex With 2'-deoxycytidine-2'-deoxyadenosine-3',5'- Monophosphate
31658Crystal Structure of the P19an67d Variant of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
31659Crystal Structure of the G16sn17tp19as20an67d Variant of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease
62413Crystal Structure of the Unswapped Form of P19al28qn67d Bs-rnase
62414Crystal Structure of the Swapped Form of P19al28qn67d BS- Rnase
62415Crystal Structure of the Swapped NON Covalent Form of P19al28qn67d Bs-rnase
74920Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease Uridine 2' Phosphate Complex
74921Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease- Uridine 3' Phosphate Complex
74922Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease- Uridine 5' Diphosphate Complex
74923Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease- Cytidine 3' Phosphate Complex
74924Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease- Cytidine 5' Phosphate Complex
70395X-ray Structure of the NON Covalent Swapped Form of the S16gt17na19pa20sk31cs32c Mutant of Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease