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Your request to link to MMDB for mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 3

MMDB Description
12368Crystal Structure of Smad2 MH2 Domain Bound to the Smad- Binding Domain of Sara
70935Crystal Structure of a Phosphorylated Smad2
50286Crystal Structure of a Smad MH1 Domain Bound to DNA
20988MH2 Domain of Transcriptional Factor Smad3
20990Smad3 SBD Complex
50707Crystal Structure of Smad3-mh1 Bound to DNA at 2.4 Å Resolution
29554Crystal Structure of the Phosphorylated Smad3smad4 Heterotrimeric Complex
29559Crystal Structure of the Phosphorylated Smad2smad4 Heterotrimeric Complex